Chiltington Lane

have you read about the Saxon gold

buried in nearby Underhill Lane?

by C L Scribbler - July 3, 2019

The first time I visited Chiltington Lane - while househunting in the summer of 2006 - a key draw for me was its proximity to Clayton, near Ditchling - where my late sister and her husband had settled in 1994.

Never heard of Clayton? If you look at the South Downs from Chiltington Lane and imagine walking a couple of miles along the top heading right, past Plumpton College which you can see below, carry on a little way past past Ditchling Beacon. Then before you see any windmills - you're there. It's Clayton - most of which is hidden from view by trees and scrub.

I had already started writing a story set in Clayton Holt before the idea of moving to these parts (from Baughurst in Hampshire - shown as Mouse Country on this map) had even occurred to me. But I never got around to publishing it before now.

My new story is called - Jamie and the Tree Troll.

You can read it on my website

I hope you enjoy it whether you live around here or not. And if you're an expert on local history you might be interested to see some previously undocumented accounts regarding the Saxons in Clayton which I have curated in parts of the text.

Extract...He swept some bat droppings off the top of the chest and opened the lid to reveal… Gold. Gold in glowing golden heaps. Jamie's eyes welled up with tears from the bright light coming out of the black box. At first he couldn't focus. So he blinked and rubbed his eyes. Then he could see the different shapes clearly - plates, arm bands, rings, goblets and chains all in the same warm looking bright metal. Heaps and heaps of Saxon gold. "Well what do you think?" said Clayton. "It explains something" said Jamie. "It explains why I never found any Saxon gold with my metal detector." the story
Where inexactly is Chiltington Lane?