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by C L Scribbler - September 2016

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Chiltington Lane

Plumpton & East Chiltington News

If you live in Chiltington Lane then you're already familiar with the printed version of the parish magazine which is dropped into your letter box by volunteers. The content is mostly about Plumpton. But it's an interesting read. Handy to see what you may have just missed in terms of village events, what's happening locally with footpaths etc. If you've lost your print copy the web site includes archives going back to 2010. The only downside of the online version is it doesn't include all the ads for plumbers, electricians etc.

Plumpton & East Chiltington Wildlife Group

This is the website of "a small, local wildlife conservation group based in the East Sussex parishes of Plumpton and East Chiltington." They do surveys of things ranging from ponds and doormice to trees and bats.

East Chiltington Community Website

This is mostly Parish Council news. "East Chiltington is a small rural parish, which forms a narrow strip about 6 miles long and 2 miles across at its widest point."

Evening Argus

"As you drive through East Chiltington, along a single track road past a 200-year-old forge, the only traffic to interrupt your journey is the occasional horse rider out for an afternoon hack through the unspoilt countryside" said reporter Joel Adams in his preliminary article (Sep 2016) about a resurrected plan for a caviar farm in the lane.

Lewes District Council

If someone plans to build an airport in Chiltington Lane then you'll see details on the planning applications site. So too with new houses, sheds, porches, swimming pools and fish farms.

Chiltington Lane - a rustic resource

This is a new rustic resource guide started by a resident of the lane in May 2016. It doesn't contain much useful information yet. When it does it might appear higher up this listing.

East Sussex County Council (historical data)

This ESCC sponsored web page includes historic information about East Chiltington. It reads somewhat like Wikipedia but I think ESCC wrote the text first. "At the time of the Conquest and before, there were two manors of Childeltune or Childentune."

British History Online

This includes a description of the lane written circa 1938/39.

"A thatched cottage, on the west side of Chiltington Lane, towards the north end, shows timber-framing and a repaired 17th-century chimney-stack with wide oak-lintelled fire-places. Lower Burrells, farther down on the north-east side, is an attractive timber-framed house..."

"Upper Burrells, farther south, is an early-17thcentury house of three bays. A circular plaque on the front with S B 1735 (for Susannah Bradford) provides the date of its refacement in brick..."

George Townshend double CD

(folk singer)
"George Townshend ... was born at Wootten Farm, East Chiltington, near Lewes, on August 29th, 1882. He took over a country pub called the Jolly Sportsman at East Chiltington on September 29th 1888, and upon the new landlord first opening his doors a celebration was held and all the locals received free drinks."

The Monday Group

If you walk around the footpaths which lead off Chiltington Lane then you've almost certainly had tactile close encounters with the carvings of this charity. They're the wood elves who build and maintain many of the stiles and wooden bridges.

Place Names

Includes a plausibly argued origin of the name Chiltington...

"the possibility must be mentioned that we actually do have a record of our Wickham in an Anglo-Saxon document. In his treatment of the pre-Celtic word cilta 'steep slope', Richard Coates (1983-4: 7-15) discusses the intriguing reference to wichama in ciltinne in a charter dated 767 (Sawyer 1968: no. 1067, contemporary). He plausibly locates ciltinne in Sussex and argues that this district-name is preserved in the parish-names East & West Chiltington (the referent of cilta being the scarp of the South Downs)."

The Forge in Highbridge Lane

As you turn off Novington Lane (turning right if you've come from the Jolly Sportsman or turning left if you've come from Plumpton) you come into Highbridge Lane. And just as the lane drops down ahead of you towards the bridge - on your left you'll see an old rickety looking shed which is (still in 2017) the site of a working Forge which is leased by the current blacksmith.

The Old Forge in Highbridge LaneThe future viability of the site was affected by a development proposal LW/16/1045 by the new owner of the site.

"The old forge has been there since at least 1870, maybe even earlier and was a thriving business in its time. One of the most famous past customers was Rowland Emett the creator of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, indeed many of the films creations were made in the forge."

Slow Down in South Chailey

This is regular blog and news notice written by a resident of Chiltington Lane who writes about issues related to horse riding in and about the local lanes.

South Downs National Park Forum

/east-chiltington-beacon- queen's-90th-birthday
Stunning photos here and a wry comment by the contributor who wrote - "The East Chiltington beacon is curiously sited on Hamsey Parish Council land just east of Black Cap, due to it being put in the wrong place about 15 years ago."

Crime statistics

This monthly updated web page shows reported crime statistics for Chailey, East Chiltington, Plumpton and St John.

Wrong Thing Wrong Place


What's the connection of ideas between a "nice" place like Chiltington Lane and the wrong thing in the wrong place?

This is a residents based web site created in August 2016 to garner support to stop a developer plan to construct a caviar farm and related excavations and buildings in the lane.

The national press also got interested for a while. Some of those stories are archived in the news page (of the Chiltington caviar farm action group).

more coming soon