Chiltington Lane

by C L Scribbler - April 9, 2020

What's Up in Chiltington Lane?

originally published at the peak of UK covid lockdown #1

Last month - Helen B - set up a WhatsApp list to support neighbours living in Chiltington Lane...

I'm not on it myself because I took a decision when I retired a year ago from 22 plus years earning my living on the internet - to step back and detox myself from the instantaneous joys, attractions and pressures of digital social fraternization.

Nevertheless even with my offline indirect connections to the list (I get amusing and critical highlights in spoken out loud anecdotes from my life partner) - I have to report that in the several weeks since the inauguration of the WTF/WhatsApp group - I have benefitted directly in many practical ways.

Including... thanks today to Gina - who kindly picked up my meds and was already doing this for others socially isolating in this area. (And as for the edibles, tangibles, intangibles, visibles, audibles, growables and nth dimensional emergency services which have delivered many kinds of succour to my frame recently - you know who you are - thank you too.)

We live in the company of unsung heroes.

Those who bring us the physical things we need to our doors and letterboxes.

Those - who - often without realizing they are even doing it - bring us something which touches on and refreshes our humanity..

I feel sure that all over the country at this difficult time - social media is helping people find the essentials of life.

Yet - having said that - I suspect, nonetheless, that at the very same time and in the very same channels - due to occasional miss-steps or accidents of instant clicks and over quick reflex and interpretation - it's probably a good thing that the content of most of these digital chit chats and itch scratches remain forever encrypted and invisible to wider scrutiny.

Today has been a good day.

All those I care about are well.

What could be better than that?


Where inexactly is Chiltington Lane?