news about a bit of culture from Chiltington Lane - Cyrano

Editor:- May 2016 - the door bell rang. It wasn't the delivery I was expecting - but a man wearing a strange hat.

I smile because I know this man - Stephen Israel he hands me a brochure.

Cyrano in Sussex summer 2016Cyrano! (one of my favorite plays) - I remember seeing the version with Derek Jacobi.

Stephen's company will be doing outdoor performances of Cyrano at various dates in June and July.

Sounds like a lively idea.

I commented on his strange hat - and said that I (having bought something similar over 10 years ago) only felt comfortable wearing it for the first time when I went on a once in a lifetime kind of vacation to Arizona. (There everyone wears such hats and I didn't feel odd.)

He said the hat does make him easy to find when he wears it at Chichester (theatre).

Then he pointed to his shorts and wellies.

I looked down.

I don't wear shorts myself and I'm not sure where I'd have to go to blend in dressed like that.

On the other hand - maybe it's here in the lane.
Cyrano in Sussex summer 2016
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