We're Singing in the Lane

news about a bit of culture from Chiltington Lane
Editor:- June 2016 - A few weeks ago I saw Mary driving in the lane as I was taking a stroll and escaping from the tyranny of the keyboard (and providing future respite for my readers).

She paused and opened the window.

Where are you off to? - I asked.

"Gylndebourne rehearsals. I've got a part as a walk on in the Meistersingers."

So now I'll be watching out for a certain bucket of water to appear when I see it. And that's all I can tell you for now about the plot. Because I never read the story in advance.

Instead I see the opera first and follow the story on the very well scripted surtitles (like simultaneous translation - but better) and then when I get home, I read up a little bit on the web, and as it gets towards the end of the season I start to read back on what I've seen (and been unable to see) in the annual book they sell in the imaginatively stocked little shop they have there - which seems to stock all kinds of things you didn't know you needed before - including well designed champagne stoppers and chocolate.

I used to buy DVDs at Gylndebourne too.

The best time to do that is after the performance has ended. Shopping and drinking tea is a better use of your time than sitting in a line of cars in the exit traffic jam.

The DVDs I've bought there have mostly been souvenirs of operas I'd seen the previous year - although a new space saving way to revisit these past performances has recently crept into my app space - via the Digital Theatre.

This streaming service - a large screen variant of which I first saw at the Picture House in Uckfield - enables you to can watch plays and operas as easily as you rent a movie from itunes. (And you can pay using your itunes account too.)

When it comes to the choice of how many things you can watch, however, the little shop in Glydebourne has a lot more stock than Digital Theatre but I hope that the collaborating parties will extend the range so that for those of us whose DVD players have long since been recycled and who tire of seeing pc security messages on their screen when watching videos via a pc perched on the coffeee table hooked up through an HDMI cable.

Being so close to Gylndebourne is one of the unexpected delights of living in Chiltington Lane. And John and Sheila have told me that some of their year on year returning B&B guests have Gylndebourne as the primary purpose of their stay.

Also on the calendar for June and July 2016 on the live singing theme, and with participation by neigbours in Chiltington Lane are the following events.

the Fletching Singers

The Fletching Singers will perform 'A Sussex Summer' on Sunday, June 19th at 6.30pm at Cumnor House School, Danehill.

Explaining how it works - Helen - from Chiltington Lane who is one of the singers - said "This will involve a picnic in that we have the first part of the concert, and then an interval for supper (sort of Glyndebourne style), and then the second half. This music is a little eclectic, but it is usually a nice evening."

the East Sussex Community Choir

The East Sussex Community Choir will have their Summer Concert on Saturday, 2nd July at 7.30 pm at the Lewes Town Hall. The programme is Rossini's Petite Messe Solennelle. Among the choir members - Chiltington Lane resident Janet says it's only the first bit which sounds like a mass. And it's not such a little piece as the title would suggest.

More notes like this as I hear about them.

And maybe I'll add some photos from the events after they've happened.

PS - the live drama from the lane is not just about the singing. Take a peek also at Man in a hat (Cyrano)

Cumnor House School

Rossini ‘Petite Messe Solennelle’