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by C L Scribbler

Save the Forge in Chiltington LaneAt the end of 2016 and early months of 2017 - there was much ado in East Chiltington about the possible impact of a planning application planning - LW/17/0249 - on the continuing viability of the property historically associated with the Old Forge in Highbridge Lane.

Where's Highbridge Lane?

It's at the other end of Chiltington Lane - if you came into the lane from the direction of Lewes (with the South Downs on your left).

Alternatively Highbridge Lane leads into the beginning of Chiltington Lane - if you started at the Plumpton end and turned in from Novington Lane (with the South Downs on your right).

I'm sure that any future editor of - which appears to be in stealth mode at the time of writing this - or more accurately "deep stealth mode" as the domain hasn't been registered yet - might restate these start-end relationships the other way around.

All clear now?

If you're still not entirely sure - I prepared a guide earlier called - where inexactly is Chiltington Lane? - in which Highbridge has a strong supporting role.

what's the Forge risk status now?

When I wrote this (in December 2018) the hullabaloo about the Forge had been resolved and it's still standing. I didn't write much about it myself because others were already doing a great job and the campaign and its artwork have become another important part of East Chiltington history.

Save East Chiltington Forge 2016 campaignYou can see what 301 supporters were saying on this link here on - Save East Chiltington Forge

"This building is important to the village as a rural business and a landmark..." Jayne Block

"Rural areas and their character are under constant threat, if we don't take a stand now it will be too late." Merril Cummerson

the Forge in Highbridge Lane, East Chiltington - right thing right place

as reported - January 2017

In 2016 we had - the wrong thing in the wrong place (the idea of a caviar farm) in Chiltington Lane. If you're looking for it on your GPS - it didn't get built and there was a happy ending. You can read more about that here.

Now in January 2017 we have an issue which is more like the right thing in the right place. The idea of protecting something which has been here for 200 years.

The Forge has a good back story. And is said to be where the flying car Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was built (according to the Argus article (January 14, 2017) - which says "developers are looking to destroy a historic forge where the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car from the (eponymous) movie was made.
Save the Forge in Chiltington Lane
New signs have been appearing in the lanes of East Chiltington to raise awareness of a plan which impacts the continuing long term future of the Forge in Highbridge Lane.

"The old historic forge in East Chiltington is under threat of demolition and redevelopment. The planning application has been submitted and the deadline for both comments and objections is January 27th, 2017."

For more about this see

Later:- unfortunately that web site has ended and there isn't a readable capture of it in the internet archive.

And the Facebook campaign page which used to be at has disappeared too. But the real forge is still in Highbridge Lane.

other planning threats in walking distance - before and after the Forge

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below - the Forge in May 2021
is that a new protest sign in the right hand corner? more here
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